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Cash, Credit and Your Finances: The Teen Years by Jill Russo Foster

Cash, Credit and Your Finances: The Teen Years

by Jill Russo Foster

130 pages
Teach teens about money and credit before they become adults

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About the Book
In Cash, Credit, and Your Finances: The Teen Years, Jill Russo Foster introduces teenagers to the basic concepts of managing money. Jill discusses setting and living within a budget, working with a bank, opening accounts, managing credit and debt, paying for a college education, and making major purchases, such as a computer or car. Along the way, Jill provides, tips, worksheets, and practical examples in a friendly, clear style (additional resources available upon request).

As a banking and mortgage professional, Jill has seen people who are seriously in debt or who have little or no savings. They need to refinance their homes to use the equity to pay off their consumer debt. Then they come back again to refinance a second time to get out of more debt. Jill also sees couples who make good salaries, but donít have enough money to pay their monthly bills on time.

Jill has come to believe that financial education is the key for everyone. Her book will start you off in the right direction and teach you how to build good financial habits, including: spending wisely, saving regularly, and becoming financially independent. When you become financially independent, you control your finances; they do not control you. Jill also shares with you all that she has learned during her career in the financial world.


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About the Author
Jill Russo Foster Jill Russo Foster, Author of Cash, Credit, and Your Finances: The Teen Years, is a successful speaker and mortgage broker. Using real world examples and her knowledge of the credit and loan industries, she offers information and advice on money and credit that can be immediately put into action.



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