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Out of Order by Kevin P. Murphy

Out of Order

by Kevin P. Murphy

300 pages
Assassins pursue a nun and a reporter in desperate chase.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
As a result of an amazingly complex case of mistaken identity, a nun is murdered in an idyllic setting in the Hudson River Valley, setting in motion a frantic search by the assassins for their "correct" victim.

Compounding their problem is the fact that they have discovered that not only did they kill the wrong person, but they now have two distinct targets to track and eliminate, with little time to safely kill those women, and an entire planet in which to search.

Raising the stakes against the hunters, both "targets" have become aware of their peril, and are taking vigorous action to stay alive. One, a celebrated television news investigative reporter, has video evidence that may well prove the undoing of her pursuers, provided that she can stay alive and get it into safe hands.

The other, a nun, has only her wits going for her--and a relative who is well-connected with a police department that just might not be infiltrated by the mobsters who are pursuing her. State Line University professor, Matt Shea, and his friend, Lackenby Police Chief, Joe Weiss, are Sister Michael Lorenc's only hope as she flees westward toward Lackenby, Illinois, from the east coast, dodging her pursuers by the narrowest of margins--perhaps.

Increasing the danger level significantly is the fact that a powerful syndicate leader has mobilized his deadliest resources--including a master of high-tech searching--to track and eliminate both women--quickly and, ideally, without evidence of criminal violence. And, in the shadow behind the syndicate, stands a clandestine politician, who has access to the stealthiest of "black" operatives.

A nerve-wracking race rages across the eastern United States and into the Chicago metropolitan area--with Death firmly behind the wheel.

Before the story ends, young environmental workers and a fledgling Northwest Indiana theatre consortium will be called upon to play significant roles in a battle against desperate killers intent on ending two innocent lives.


Out of Order (is) a highly unique and very entertaining tale.
- Helen Dumont, Midwest Book Review
What was nice about the book is that the way you wrote it made me feel as if I was right there. I really enjoyed that. It held my interest. I kept wondering, 'What's gonna happen next?
- GD, Chicago, IL
I don't read much, other than the sporting magazines and such, but this was really the first book I have read in--probably, thirty years--and I couldn't get away from it.
- TK, Lansing, IL
I was wondering how all the sections fit--and it was neat when it all came together.
- BD, Chicago, IL


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About the Author
Kevin P. Murphy Kevin P. Murphy is a freelance writer and videographer living and working in Chicago. With experience in military security and police work, graduate degree in Sociology, and decades of teaching experience, his more than 1500 articles have been published in newspaper, magazine and Internet venues.

His novel, Degrees of Murder (BookLocker) has been awarded 5 stars by reviewers, and his second novel in that series, Out of Order (BookLocker), has received similar positive reviews.

His full-length play, "Something Bright and Alien," was an award winner in the 1998 Ridgewriters (Branch of the California Writers Club) Screenplay competition. It is now also available as an E-book from BookLocker.

Another of his plays, "Unfriendly Fire" (BookLocker) had its premiere at the site of the union hall that emerged from the major labor crisis depicted in that play, with the late Studs Terkel as the host on opening night.

As videographer, he currently has more than 360 community-focused videos posted on his YouTube site, a number that increases regularly, given the vibrance of the Southeast Chicago community in which he lives.



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