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Far Above Rubies by Cynthia Polansky

Far Above Rubies

by Cynthia Polansky

166 pages
A Dutch woman voluntarily accompanies her six stepdaughters to Auschwitz.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
About the Book
On the morning of May 10, 1940, the last thing Sofie Rijnfeld expected was the sky to start raining German paratroopers. She and Jan, her husband of three years, were living contentedly with Jan's six daughters in Amsterdam. Life held the promise of a bright future for the Rijnfelds . . . until the German occupation of Holland and a six-pointed star made of yellow cloth with the word "Jood" in the middle ...

FAR ABOVE RUBIES is based on the true story of one woman's courage in the nightmarish hell of Hitler's regime, and her determination to survive it. As the Nazi persecution of Europe's Jewry escalates, all six Rijnfeld girls are called up for deportation. Rather than allow her stepdaughters to venture alone to an arcane fate, Sofie insists on accompanying them, ignoring the dangerous implications. After several months in a Dutch transit camp, they are transported to Auschwitz where Sofie discovers a strength and ingenuity she never knew she had. But can her indomitable spirit help keep her daughters alive?

Sofie's fortitude will be put to the test many times during the war. But even so strong a woman as Sofie is not left unscathed by the horrors of the Holocaust. Had her decision to go with her stepdaughters been the right one?

This is the story of a woman who refuses to be bested by circumstances. Like a phoenix, she rises from the ashes of tragedy to triumph as a heroine who calls to mind this passage from Proverbs, "A woman of valor who can find? For her price is FAR ABOVE RUBIES."


Cynthia {Polansky} presents in this novel a gorgeous and haunting story of self-sacrifice and love. Based on a real-life character whose life experiences she overheard at a Holocaust memorial, Far Above Rubies details the effect of the Holocaust on Dutch Jews, particularly those from Amsterdam who were rounded up and deported, often for the Polish extermination camp of Auschwitz. {Polansky} synthesizes historical fact here with well-drawn, memorable characters in recreating scenes from Amsterdam and the camps.
- Julie Sandland, eBook Reviews



About the Author
Cynthia Polansky is a freelance writer living in Annapolis, Maryland. Her work has appeared in various print, video, and online venues under the name Cynthia P. Gallagher. This is her first novel.



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