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ATTENTION! The Art of Holding Your Audience in the Palm of Your Hand by Lanita Boyd and Stephen D. Boyd

ATTENTION! The Art of Holding Your Audience in the Palm of Your Hand

by Lanita Boyd and Stephen D. Boyd

168 pages
Keep audience attention with these 18 effective, entertaining speaking strategies!

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About the Book
Paying attention is the single greatest secret to success in life, and the key factor in effective communication. This book gives eighteen valuable strategies for assuring that your audiences pay attention when you speak. In order to get their attention, you the speaker must pay attention to your own speaking techniques.

Each chapter begins with a pertinent quotation on the topic, some humorous, some insightful. Within the chapters, boxed quotes from the chapter itself highlight significant points. Entertaining examples abound, making for easy reading. This is a handbook that you can return to when you realize you need to pay more attention to a specific topic.

Chapters cover paying attention to Preparation, Overcoming Stage Fright, Your Audience, Organization, Opening and Closing, Stories, Delivery, Persuasion, Credibility, the Words You Speak, Humor, Visuals, Handouts, Ceremonial Speeches, Special Situations, Common Sense in Speaking, Question and Answer Sessions, and Getting Better Even When You Are Good.

For example, Q & A does not have to mean quivering and agitated! Offering a question and answer period during or at the end of your speech can give you a great opportunity to expand on your topic and to know what to include the next time you address the issue. The tips here will calm your nervousness about the Q and A so you may even begin to enjoy it.

Toasts, speeches of welcome and introduction, and eulogies are often given by people with little speaking experience. These guidelines will help you carry out your responsibilities with poise. Also covered is how to handle special speaking situations from equipment or electrical failures to hecklers.

Above all, letís use common sense in our speaking! The eighteen strategies in this book will guide you to be a comfortable and effective speaker because you paid attention to the basics. We can all improve, no matter how good we are. To the accomplished speaker, his or her best speech is always the next one. This book will start where you are and take you to where you want to be with your speaking skills.


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About the Author
Steve Boyd, winner of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest, has held the attention of audiences for 40 years, delivering over 4000 speeches, seminars, sermons, and classes. Lanita Bradley Boyd is a speaker, writer, and editor who manages Steve Boyd Presentations. They live on the Kentucky side of Cincinnatiís Ohio River.



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