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Choosing Africa: A Midlife Journey from Mission to Meaning by B. Susan Bauer

Choosing Africa: A Midlife Journey from Mission to Meaning

by B. Susan Bauer

294 pages
Travel memoir of an American woman’s life in Africa.

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About the Book
Why would a fifty-year-old American woman choose to abandon her comfortable home and lucrative job to move to Africa, five time zones away from everything that was familiar?

Most people enter their middle years confident about their roles in their workplace and community. All that confidence unravels with the choice to become a bumbling expatriate in an encore career. When the Bauers join the faculty of a seminary in Windhoek, Namibia, they confront harsh, residual racism in this country that has only recently freed itself from the grip of apartheid. They watch the tragedy of September 11 unfold thousands of miles away from their homeland. The author faces a deadly medical diagnosis that threatens not just her vocation, but also her life.

You will trek across the Kalahari Desert, hear the rumble of Etosha lions, and venture inside primitive Bushman and Himba communities. You will travel to the thundering Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe and the South African prison cell of Nelson Mandela. You will encounter modern Africa from a vantage point that goes far beyond exotic travelogue, because Choosing Africa will introduce you to unforgettable characters who will capture your heart.



About the Author
B. Susan Bauer Susan Bauer returned to the USA in 2003 after teaching English in Namibia and Ghana. Prior to that, she directed a research ethics board for the University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine. Her nonfiction has appeared in magazines, literary journals, and anthologies. She lives in North Carolina.



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