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INNOVATE WITH INFLUENCE: Tales of a High-Tech Intrapreneur by Steve Todd

INNOVATE WITH INFLUENCE: Tales of a High-Tech Intrapreneur

by Steve Todd

146 pages
High-tech innovation stories and a how-to guide for corporate intrapreneurs.

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About the Book
College graduates and young innovators have flocked to startups and new business ventures with dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

That’s so 90s.

This decade has seen the rise of the intrapreneur, a new breed of innovator that leverages the massive resources found within large corporations and generates billions of dollars in new product revenues.

This book shatters the stereotypes of entrepreneurs by revealing the proven methodologies of successful intrapreneurs:

- Beating deadlines and building influence
- Leading the charge from the trenches (and staying there)
- Weaving adjacent technologies
- Shunning the limelight and leveraging anonymity
- Selling innovation to upper management
- Choosing the “right” corporation

Perhaps the most surprising habit of intrapreneurs is the one that brings them the most joy: leaving at 5PM every day.

This book describes the experiences of a young college graduate as he enters the high-tech workforce to begin his career as a software engineer. Within a few short months he begins to have his own ideas and searches for ways to work with and influence his peers to come together and ship innovative and creative new products.

Along the way he discovers that the secret to generating effective new ideas (and delivering them) is an undying thirst to learn new technologies that are adjacent to his own field of expertise. His search for adjacency is accompanied by a reputation for delivery and collaboration, which is otherwise known as influence.

Innovate with Influence is a handbook for high-tech intrapreneurs. The stories contained within describe simple and effective methods for continued and sustained innovative output. These methods, however, often go against the grain of conventional thinking.

Entrepreneurs often "burn the midnight oil" for months or even years at a time. This perhaps explains why the frequent results of startup ventures are tired, disgruntled, and unemployed inventors. Intrapreneurs are instead encouraged to maintain a healthy and strong work-life balance by leveraging the support systems and resources of large corporations.

This approach is proven to work. Several decades later, the young college graduate has worked with his teammates to deliver billions of dollars in new product revenue (and generate well over 140 patent applications along the way).

Innovate with Influence describes a new pathway for young innovators in search of that "perfect job".



About the Author
Steve Todd Steve Todd is a high-tech software engineer and corporate intrapreneur. Over the course of several decades he has generated over 160 patent applications, and his collaborative product creations have generated billions of dollars in high-tech revenue. He writes about technology on his website, the Information Playground.



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