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My Spiritual Compendium by Michael Kevin

My Spiritual Compendium

by Michael Kevin

116 pages
My Spiritual Compendium is something that is beyond anything that has been written.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
My Spiritual Compendium is approximately 33,000 words and is intended to be informative, as well as entertaining, and thus is written as an enjoyable story that also provides the reader with a solid foundation of fundamental spiritual teachings. The story centers around a young womanís account of her experiences with a spiritual healer, in which she is given a small book of spiritual teachings that can be described as an artistic, spiritual compendium, or spiritual teachings that are written in a manner that is both artistic and compendious. The main character then struggles with an inner turmoil when trying to determine the healerís motivation regarding the true reasons for his generosity and apparent selfless service.

This spiritual compendium can be described as arrangement of twenty-five, short proverbs, or non-rhyming poems, designed to enrich spiritual perception by providing a thought-provoking presentation on a wide-range of topics that offer insight into spiritual reality. The proverbs are arranged in sections, which are organized in a manner that allows the reader to follow a sequence of topic and ideals that build upon one another throughout the sections. The compendium is designed to be a concise presentation detailing the important aspects and insights, not only of spirituality itself, but also of the spiritual journey. It is the style of writing, however, that makes the compendium unique, in that it is both educational and inspirational in nature, as it not only describes various aspects of spirituality, but also inspires the reader with knowledge and wisdom regarding spiritual truths.

My Spiritual Compendium then makes use of the artistic compendium to form a basis from which the characters can engage in extended discussion concerning its pertinent concepts. These discussion, in turn, extend beyond simple conversation to include practical instructions and procedures to aid with fear and guilt removal and self-purification, as well as including numerous metaphors and spiritual insights designed to offer suggestions as how to further advancement in spiritual pursuits.

My Spiritual Compendium is something that is beyond anything that has been written, in that it is not only both artistic and informative, but it is truly comprehensive, thus making it foundational for any spiritual practice or study. The book can be compared to Og Mandinoís, The Greatest Salesman in the World, in that embedded into an interesting story is teachings and instructions that make the book a useful self-transformational tool. It is important to note, too, that the book is written in a manner that is secular, or without religious bias, thus making it both applicable and enjoyable to anyone seeking further spiritual insight and understanding.



About the Author
Michael Kevin has been on a spiritual journey for more than twenty years and has an extraordinary ability to communicate in a most easy-to-understand manner the profound and complex concepts of psychology, philosophy and transpersonal studies and embed them into an interesting and enjoyable story that is both entertaining and profitable.



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