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Musings From The Invisible by T. Al-Pearl

Musings From The Invisible

by T. Al-Pearl

164 pages
A compilation of muses written by people suffering from disease.

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About the Book
A collection of poems, prose, muses, short stories, and words from people who suffer from invisible diseases. Most stories are contributed by people who suffer from Meniere’s Disease and/or other type of vestibular disorders.

Meniere’s Disease is diagnosed by four symptoms: hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, and pressure in ears. It is an inner-ear disease that causes great havoc to the person who is inflicted. There is no cure; but there are medications, surgical procedures, and alternative medicines and therapies that may reduce the symptoms. Many look normal on the outside; but inside a person afflicted with Meniere’s Disease is suffering. Most learn how to adapt thru hearing aids, lip - reading, sign language, avoiding busy and noisy places, and by helping others and joining on-line forums that encourage and inform others with vestibular disorders.

Some suffer in silence while others put to pen their suffering and affliction. Most people with Meniere’s Disease and/or other vestibular disorders feel invisible. They live in a world that is neither deaf nor hearing; their world is caught somewhere in between.

The collective works you are about to read are mostly contributed by people who belong to an on-line forum: Meniere’s Org. All proceeds from this book will go directly to a non-profit organization that helps those with vestibular disorders: Meniere’s Resources, Inc.(MRI).



About the Author
Although diagnosed with two rare vestibular disorders, Meniere's Disease and Superior Canal Dehiscence, T. Al-Pearl finds solace in writing. Thru her suffering, she found an on-line forum for people with vestibular disorders. She discovered that others afflicted with disease found refuge in writing which led her to compile a book.



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