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Golden Nemesis: Manifest Destiny Between 1880 And 1900. by Heather Vallance

Golden Nemesis: Manifest Destiny Between 1880 And 1900.

by Heather Vallance

238 pages
The Anglo American 20th century, its gestation and birth.

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Category: History
About the Book
British mining magnates Cecil John Rhodes and Barnett Isaacs Barnato shared an amoral perception of the world which short-circuited their national conscience and enabled them to consort with some of the most powerful 19th century European and American terrorist organizations which, in turn, were beguiled by Rhodes’ vision of a mercantile empire separate from the Crown. Despite Rhodes’ attention to detail and a full decade of preparation, his vision began to fall apart during the early years of the 1890s. Rhodes’ remedy to the escalating problems which beset him became known as the Jameson Raid, an event as significant as 9/11 because it changed the course of history irrevocably.

Golden Nemesis: Manifest Destiny Between 1880 And 1900 draws the reader into the events which shaped the patterns and discourse of the Anglo American 20th century by plotting the rise and fall of Cecil John Rhodes and his revolutionary allies, while simultaneously documenting Barnett Isaacs Barnato’s desperate and fatal attempt to staunch the disintegration of his own financial empire in the wake of the storm.


It is amazing that you could present so much of a complicated history so succinctly yet adequately in a way that commands the reader's attention.
- Frances Stolz, USA
Golden Nemesis is for the reader of history who wants to explore the uneven paths of our past, to appreciate stories left behind in the records of previous generations. This carefully researched and written book powerfully reminds us to explore the motives of the people who helped carve the social and political paths for what became the American powerhouse as the 20th century unfolded, while the fortunes of Britain faded remarkably. A must read for those often left feeling a huge gap between what is put on the page and what often remains in the shadows of history.
- C. Barrett


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About the Author
Heather Vallance is a non-affiliate PhD in Communication Theory and Historiography. She has published books and articles about the late 19th century since 1986. Heather lives in Ontario, Canada.



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