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Change of Heart by Jack Allen

Change of Heart

by Jack Allen

316 pages
A race to stop the next Cold War.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
It started as a plan to bring the Communist Party back to power in Moscow. It turned into an act of vengeance by a former Colonel of the KGB to rid himself of a long time thorn in his side: Joshua McGowan.

Josh must fly from Baltimore across the Pacific to a remote spot only miles off the Russian coast to rescue a young woman, once a Kremlin pawn of the Colonelís and the key to his newest plan. She, however, has her own plan and wonít let anyone get in her way, not even Joshua McGowan.

To stop the next Cold War, Josh must decide what is right and who must die before he kills the wrong person, or is killed himself.


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About the Author
Jack Allen is a native of Michigan and lives with his family in the Detroit area. When heís not writing heís dreaming about building his dream Mustang and wishing someone would clean out the basement.



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