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Marlene's Piano by Jill Charles

Marlene's Piano

by Jill Charles

260 pages
Jazz age pianist Marlene Piper finds music, freedom and love.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Piano prodigy Marlene Piper hopes to go to music school, but her father's death leaves her family broke.

Torn between loyalty and her longing for adventure outside her small Pennsylvania town, Marlene marries against her family's wishes.

She finds work playing the piano in a speakeasy called The Starfish with torch singer Blue Maria and an old flame named Robert Schumann.

Marlene records three albums, tours across America and falls in and out of love. Through Prohibition and the Great Depression, she struggles to remain true to herself, support her family, and keep on creating music.



About the Author
Jill Charles Jill Charles grew up in Spokane, Washington and majored in Creative Writing at Seattle University. She wrote articles for Tablet: Magazine of Arts and Culture and poems and stories for Poetry Motel, Heliotrope, and The Inlander, an independent Spokane newspaper. In 2007, she moved from Seattle to Chicago, where she performs poetry at open mics at Kafein and the Heartland Cafe.



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