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The 7 Deadly Job Search Sins by David Schmier

The 7 Deadly Job Search Sins

by David Schmier

108 pages
Avoid the 7 most deadly mistakes job seekers make today.

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About the Book
In today’s perilous job market your search has to be flawless – even one misstep can kill your chances at the job. Job readiness expert and founder of GetHired, David Schmier, points out the 7 most deadly mistakes job seekers make in today’s highly competitive market – and shares his proven alternatives to help you land your next job FAST.


1. STOP SELLING - START MATCHING – Stop selling those things about yourself that you think are most important and start matching exactly what the Hiring Manager is looking for – The 3 BIG Things.

2. A ONE-SIZE RESUME DOES NOT FIT ALL – A single, generalized resume will usually end up in the trash. Start creating customized, highly targeted resumes for every job you apply for.

3. STOP FISHING WHERE THERE AIN’T NO FISH – There are five basic methods to find a job. Four of them are a dead end but the fifth is the key to landing your next position.

4. NETWORKING IS NOT WORKING – Networking the old fashioned way will only get you unreturned phone calls and ignored emails. Use “New Networking” to connect with the people you need to help land your next job.

5. INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS R.I.P. – Ask a hiring manager for an Informational Interview and you’ll only get is a big fat “No”. Start requesting Relationship Meetings instead to get face time with valuable contacts and hiring managers.

6. STOP ACTING LIKE IT’S 1999 – Do you Tweet? The new Social Media aren’t just for sharing personal news and photos of your friends - they’re powerful interactive technologies that can have a huge impact on the success of your job search.

7. QUIT BEING A QUITTER – Losing your momentum in today’s tight market can be deadly. Learn how to stay super-motivated no matter how many disappointments and frustrations you encounter.

In The 7 Deadly Job Search Sins? David draws from his own and his clients’ extensive experience to help you avoid the most common mistakes that can doom your search in today’s tough job market. It's an essential manual for anyone looking for a job.



About the Author
David Schmier Job readiness expert David Schmier knows the ins and outs of getting hired. Prior to founding GetHired, David spent over 15 years as an executive at AOL and Mattel Toys where he hired hundreds of staff. In the process, he learned exactly what works and what doesn't for job seekers.



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