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My Bargain with God by Carol Costa and Joyce Martin

My Bargain with God

by Carol Costa and Joyce Martin

85 pages
The riveting story of a nationally known psychic who has survived life's darkest moments and carried the light of hope and healing to others on the brink of despair.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
About the Book
In 1964, after a serious auto accident, Joyce Martin was pronounced dead. A series of devastating events, including the abduction of her three year old son, had turned Joyce's comfortable life into a nightmare and led her to the threshold between life and death.

Joyce took an incredible journey into another realm of existence where she made a bargain that sent her back to her earthly life with a mission to help others. Joyce soon realized that the psychic abilities she had as a child had become so strong, she was no longer able to deny them.

Through her work with a deputy sheriff, Joyce was able to rebuild her own life, and help others like herself, who had suffered the shattering loss of a loved one.



About the Author
Carol Costa is an award-winning playwright and the author of two novels. Her short stories and non-fiction articles have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. Her book, Teach Yourself Accounting in 24 Hours, was released by Macmillan publishers in April, 2001.



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