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H Is For Hourglass, S Is For Sand by Irene Banks, Debbie Dunn, Greg Banks, David Banks

H Is For Hourglass, S Is For Sand

by Irene Banks, Debbie Dunn, Greg Banks, David Banks

76 pages
Alphabets aren’t just for kids; journal with a purpose.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Experts say journaling is good medicine: that converting errant, rebounding thoughts into actual written words releases pain, frustration, anger, and fear, clarifies resistance, reduces stress, clears confusion, sparks creativity and nurtures a sacred place in your soul. Words seem to spontaneously appear on the paper as one’s subconscious ideas rise to conscious awareness.

Journaling might uncover a mistaken assumption, jump start an intervention, outline an action plan or offer a simple prayer. It might be a powerful letter of amends that is never shared but begins to free the writer from abusive self-recriminations. Journaling may be the simplest, most effective tool to accesses the heart and soul’s inner expressions and facilitate self-empowerment.

If you’ve filled your share of elegantly bound blank page journals with your life history and events, perhaps it’s time to step beyond traditional journaling and step deeper into your thoughts and beliefs. Try a new and unique approach to journaling: let one word inspire you. Uncover for yourself how you define and implement virtues and qualities of life.

H is for Hourglass, S is for Sand is a journal with a twist: The alphabet is your launching pad; there’s a word, a dictionary definition, an opening sentence, a photograph to compliment your writing and an inspiring quotation to support you. From A to Z, the journal offers contemplative topics for personal reflection and clarity, beginning with Awareness. Journal your way through the alphabet, one letter, one topic, at a time.

The central theme of the journal advocates living in the present, being here now. The icon of an hourglass is used to represent a lifetime; the sand is the past, present and future. Considering that there’s a finite amount of sand in a lifetime hourglass and that sand falls no matter what you’re doing, journaling is one way to become aware of how you spend your sand. Examining your beliefs and attitudes may affect how you spend your grains of sand.

The sand falling through your hourglass matters. Find out how.


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About the Author
Irene Banks, Debbie Dunn, Greg Banks, David Banks Irene, Debbie, Greg and David are 4 siblings living ordinary lives as a pediatric physical therapist, a photographer, a computer firewall specialist and a real estate agent. They’re united by love, genetics and a mission: to live passionately, right now, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.



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