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Everything Works in Theory by Robin Sussman

Everything Works in Theory

by Robin Sussman

148 pages
Ana has to uncover her past and discovers magic exists.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Juliana Delacontes is just about to begin her senior year of High School. Ana is a clumsy, nerdy and average girl who is looking forward to what the future will bring, but little does she know she's about to embark on a quest to discover her past. As if she didn't have enough natural problems already, what with her lack of popularity and a boyfriend she can't stand; the new girl, Briyanna, who's a famous model asks Ana to tutor her. Ana's catapulted into a new world where magic actually exists, and whether she wants to explore it or not, she doesn't seem to have a choice.

Initially Ana avoids confronting her fears on all fronts as she learns more and more about herself she's not sure she likes. Is she a Witch? Does she really have feelings for another woman? Is she willing to sacrifice the level of comfort her life has settled into for the things she thinks she wants now? And what of Julien, the dark-haired mysterious man who makes her skin crawl with goose bumps whenever he's in the area? And her worst fears seem to be confirmed as she loses touch with her best friend and cousin, Lisa, as she spends more and more time with Briyanna.

Everything Works in Theory is about a young woman entering a time in her life when change is abundant, and more than she bargained for. She's soon overwhelmed with a new ability to see things that happened in the past, and feels like she doesn't know herself anymore as she discovers new supernatural abilities everyday. Things only get more confusing when she has a dream about her friend's mother getting arrested for murder. People aren't always as they appear and that a first impression clearly isn't everything.



About the Author
Robin's an outgoing young woman from New York who loves to write. Writing isn't the only thing she loves about books as she is always looking for something new to read, as well. This is her first novel and she's excited to begin work on the sequel.



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