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End Credits by Norman Powers

End Credits

by Norman Powers

148 pages
A New York film critic discovers every lover has a secret.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
“You’re in love? Oh, and I thought it was something serious!”
- Ina Claire to Melvyn Douglas in ‘Ninotchka’ (1939)

Film critic Noah Wilburn takes love very seriously, indeed, when his longtime partner, the famous film director Cal Dudley, dies. Despite the support of a coterie of friends from his years of working in New York for a respected magazine of film criticism, the middle-aged Noah is so distraught at his loss that he contemplates suicide.

But despite the fastidious Noah’s efforts to make his fade to black as neat and tidy as possible, his fragile plans take on the dimensions of a 1930’s screwball comedy when a mysterious young woman steps into frame. She is Artie, short for Artemis, ostensibly a twenty-something New York street waif who sneaks onto the train carrying Noah home, seeking warmth and avoiding ejection from Grand Central by the authorities. Her perilous state, and the fact that she reminds Noah of Sandra Dee as Gidget, inspires gallant leading man emotions in Noah, so much so that Artie eventually takes up residence in one of his guest rooms. And it is through Artie that Noah discovers how artful a storyteller Cal Dudley really was.

Fueled by Noah’s helpless addiction to classic Hollywood cinema and a peculiar devotion to the B-move queen Ida Lupino, End Credits captures the bittersweet and hard edges of a love kept too long in soft focus.


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About the Author
Norman Powers A native of Massachusetts, Norman Powers lived and worked in Manhattan for twenty-five years in the television and film industry, first as a studio technician and then as a writer and producer for his own New York-based production company. As a free-lance journalist, his work has appeared in regional magazines and newspapers. His play “Dottie & Fred”, based on the relationship between New Yorker writers Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley, was presented by The Director’s Company in Manhattan. He is a past recipient of the annual creative non-fiction award presented by the Hub City Writer’s Project, which has also published his short fiction. End Credits is his second novel.



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