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The Siamese Twin by Oscar Robinson

The Siamese Twin

by Oscar Robinson

356 pages
Lew Piper flies to Japan to rescue a kidnapped girl.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
When his best friend’s sister disappears in Japan, Lew Piper volunteers to find her. She had won a modeling competition in Honolulu that got her the chance to go to Tokyo, so he starts the search in Hawaii. On arrival, two Japanese gangsters try to kill him before he can even get out of the airport.

After sorting out that problem, he leaves for Japan to locate the missing girl. With help from a pair of local women friends, he gets her back to Dallas with her family. But one of the women that helped him extracts a painful price for her assistance, one that gets him in trouble with the Japanese police.

Before he can recover, he is offered reinstatement in the intelligence service if he will capture a defecting American agent and return him to the US. The man’s disappearance is linked to the reason the gangsters tried to kill him at the Honolulu airport. The agency sends an older agent to help him, and the man’s criticism of Piper’s work skills is not appreciated. Unfortunately, they turn out to be mostly true, and once more he has to re-think and adjust.

In the process, Lew Piper, the “flunked out intelligence agent” get involved with drunken burglaries, stolen nuclear weapons, ritual suicide, outdoor sex, bureaucratic intrigue, lying friends, Russian agents, death in the snow, and secrets hidden in places better off not thought about.


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About the Author
Oscar Robinson worked in the intelligence world for a number of years. He currently lives in Texas and writes mystery books involving his protagonist, Lew Piper, a perennial outsider. His description of foreign locations and government intrigue helps the viewer share the dangers and challenges faced by people “in the business”.



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