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Islands in the Sand: An Introduction to Artificial Reefs in the USA by Charlie Hudson

Islands in the Sand: An Introduction to Artificial Reefs in the USA

by Charlie Hudson

208 pages
Artificial Reefs Guide - Who, What, and Where in the USA

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About the Book
Islands in the Sand: An Introduction to Artificial Reefs in the USA, is a wonderful chronology of artificial reef projects with an emphasize on those created for recreational sportfishing and scuba diving. From mighty ships sunk to the ocean floor to specially designed structures, this easy-to-read book blends history, government policy, a dash of science, and behind-the-scenes stories of decades of artificial reef efforts within the United States. The men and women featured in the book provided delightful stories of how they became involved in artificial reef work and shared both success and hard lessons learned when things did not go according to plan.

Gary Gentile, Author, lecturer, photographer, explorer, and deep-sea wreck-diver, had this to say about Islands in the Sand:

"Charlie Hudson has written a book that is long overdue. Islands in the Sand is a lucid account of the history and the importance of artificial reefs. She has done her homework. Fascinating facts and background detail are spiced with informative interviews with people who have conceptualized, designed, manufactured, or deployed various forms of manmade marine habitats.

Her compelling treatment examines these burgeoning oases from a variety of angles, giving readers the multifaceted viewpoints of the main beneficiaries: anglers, divers, scientists, anyone who cares about the environment, and the creatures that take residence in their newfound abode. She clearly demonstrates why artificial reefs are for the betterment of all. Her lyric prose is a testament to modern educational theory, proving elegantly that one can both instruct and entertain at the same time."



About the Author
Off with her combat boots and onto writing! Charlie Hudson, U.S. Army veteran of Desert Storm and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti, now focuses on her love of story-telling. She also often features her enjoyment of scuba diving in her easy style of non-fiction and fiction.



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