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The Christmas Wish List by Marsha Frederick

The Christmas Wish List

by Marsha Frederick

52 pages
A Christmas miracle that transforms an entire community.

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Category: Fiction:Holiday
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About the Book
When Mary and Lydia began writing their Christmas wish lists, they had no idea the adventure they would soon embark on. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson, were living the Great American Dream. They had it all - 2 kids, a nice home in the suburbs, and a great paying job. There wasn't much they didn't have. Except purpose and meaning in life. One day their oldest daughter, Mary, asked a haunting question that would forever change their lives. WHY ARE THERE POOR PEOPLE?

No longer were they able to remain complacent with business as usual. They could no longer remain satisfied with nothing to show for their lives except prestige, prosperity, and privilege. With Christmas just around the corner, Mr. Stevenson knew he could not celebrate Christmas in the usual, traditional fashion. At the very core of his being, a metamorphosis was emerging. A restlessness he had never felt before took hold within him.

Pondering Mary's question as to why there are poor people, Mr. Stevenson began asking himself what he could do to make a difference in the lives of a needy family. So instead of going to another Christmas Eve candle light service, the Stevenson family chooses to go caroling. They choose to go outside the church walls and experience what Jesus might have experienced on the streets of Jerusalem so many years ago. They choose to go where they had never gone before. They choose to go where the people are.

It was little Lydia, the youngest daughter, who prayed a simple prayer, "Lord, show us the true meaning of Christmas." What the family experiences on this most holy of nights was something they would never forget. They would not only find the true meaning of Christmas. They would also find the true purpose for their lives. They would receive much more than they had ever dreamed of.

The Stevenson family stumbles upon seven homeless children living under a bridge, possessing nothing of any earthly value. Yet these children possessed a joy they had never fathomed. They came face to face with what we would all call poverty, but in reality was a wealth of heavenly treasures.

This Christmas was like none other. Truly Mary and Lydia received much more than what was on their Christmas wish lists.



About the Author
Marsha Frederick Marsha Frederick is a passionate advocate for orphans worldwide. She has two beautiful daughters from China. She has authored two books and is fervently writing more to bring about a call to action for those concerned about the need for international adoption.



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