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Everbeing Passages by Janice Moss

Everbeing Passages

by Janice Moss

392 pages
A journey pitting man and his own emotion against evil.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Everbeing Passages follows the tale of Graythorn and Emeda and their noble quest. Graythorn is a farmer bent on revenge for his slaughtered family. Emeda was born a witch, trained as a warrior and a wizard. When they chance to meet and find both are searching for Emeda's son, an uneasy allegiance is formed.

Emeda holds a ceremony to bind her into Graythorn's service. A heavy chain and amulet are forged from scars around Emeda's neck. As the burns remain on her neck, and Graythorn wears the amulet, only three things could break it. The completion of the quest, the death or betrayal of Graythorn, or the death or betrayal of Emeda.

Emeda's son is not solely responsible for the destruction his band of outlaws have caused, for he is controlled by an evil wizard. An army will be needed to reach the wizard's castle and Emeda is determined to raise that army. She relies on her contacts, her allies, and her fame to assemble the army, but Graythorn is uncertain he can lead such a force.

Though their quest together began as an uneasy alliance, Graythorn and Emeda form an intimate bond as they face the dangers, hardships, and quiet times on the journey. As their bond strengthens to love, Graythorn's strength for leading the army grows. He is a fair and just leader to the men Emeda provides.

As they near the battle for the castle, Graythorn realizes he must send the woman he loves into the heart of the battle. Graythorn and his men vow to protect the Lady Wizard with them, but it is Emeda's power alone that can stand up against the Wizard of the castle. When Graythorn and Emeda are seperated during the battle, to Graythorn's great dismay, the chain breaks and the amulet comes free in his hand.



About the Author
"Writing has been more than a hobby for me. It is a cathartic adventure my spirit takes to keep balance in my life." - Janice Moss



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