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And Yet The Birds Still Sing by Jayson Young

And Yet The Birds Still Sing

by Jayson Young

192 pages
A women's struggle to understand how she became HIV positive.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Diand Langford was living an ordinary life. She was mother to her eight-year old daughter, Kim, and and her six-year old son Darren. She was the wife of a firefighter, and herself a social worker by profession. Diane was living a normal American life until she discovered, almost by chance, that she was HIV positive.

And Yet The Birds Still Sing is an emotional and gripping tale of a woman whose life is almost ripped apart by a disease she didn't know she had, a disease she was desperately trying to understand how and why she got.

Join Diane as she strives to maintain her professionalism at the office while she preserves her sanity at home lying in bed next to her husband, the man she suspects of infecting her. Diane's spellbinding odyssey takes her from her home where she tries to raise a brash and sassy daughter, and a son whom she wakes every morning by telling him "it's Christmas." Diane's journey takes her to the office where she struggles to help young mothers cope with life, through numerous emotionally painful doctor's visits, and back home to Walter, the man she is growing to hate, but continues to stay with "for the sake of the children." Diane's journey takes her through a series of small emotional breakdowns until she discovers that she may have infected herself.



About the Author
Jayson Young is a fifteen year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department. He is the single father of two daughters. In his spare time, Jayson enjoys writing, jogging, working out and spending time with family and friends.



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