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The Prism: Book One, Princess Nedia, Transformation of  a Dream SPECIAL EDITION by Ira Mency

The Prism: Book One, Princess Nedia, Transformation of a Dream SPECIAL EDITION

by Ira Mency

195 pages
Two hearts remain FOREVER entwined through the separation of time.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Ira Mency's story of LOVE, ADVENTURE, and HOPE!

Be Careful What You Wish For…

In times of unbearable loss, most of us say we would do anything in exchange for one more day with someone we love. After reading this harrowing tale, you might just think twice!

Diane gets this very opportunity when she inherits a magical crystal prism from Jack, her one true love. Though she has remarried after his death, and now has a son, she learns that this prism can transport her into a parallel universe where Jack is a Prince and very much alive. She yearns to see him if only for a moment…

Soon she finds herself in the Old World set in Celtic England AD 568. A mystical land where she is Princess Nedia, Merlin is King, and nothing is impossible. Talking animals, trees, and fairies live with her deep within the forest. She finds her Prince Jacques and it is everything she imagined and more.

Allowing her heart to rule her mind she soon finds herself having broken one of the kingdom’s four simple rules. Now the entire kingdom is facing destruction! The princess must now take responsibility for her actions and embark on a dangerous journey to recover a potion to undo the damage she has done.........

Using her wit, hope and charm, she will employ the aid of a cast of fantasy characters to accomplish her mission. Creatures include the Last Pegasus, an evil sorceress named Perpetua, The Lady of the Lake, an evil Dragon, and an extinct Griffon bird. Along the way important sacrifices are made, and in the end, she must choose her final destiny. Will she accomplish her mission and return as Diane to her husband and son? Will she stay in the Old World with her soul mate forever? Find out in this on-edge action packed adventure!

Follow the exploits of Princess Nedia as she embraces her destiny, and witness the reunion of two souls in a fantasy world where only real love and bravery thrive. A lesson-filled read, The Prism: Book One paints a fascinating story about life, love, and sacrifices, and captures the interest of both children and adults!

This 195 page SPECIAL EDITION E-book version includes(over 35 illustrations/photos). Original Art by award winning artist DoLoBo, plus a special code for online bonus features. This Bonus KeyCode will unlock special features on the website given, which includes bonus art, material, production notes, lost chapters, etc.



About the Author
Ira Mency is a freelance writer living in Maine.



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