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23 MILES TO BRIGHTON by Kirsty James


by Kirsty James

183 pages
One of the hottest books ever written 23 Miles to Brighton is the ultimate in foreplay!

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Category: Erotica
About the Book
23 Miles to Brighton is the story of the narrator as she plunges headlong into a hitherto unsuspected world of sensuality and sexuality; all her repressed sexual energy is released as she moves from one incredible situation to another.

During the pages of this book, Kirsty leaves no sexual stones unturned in her thirst for erotic fulfillment. 23 Miles is, very simply, the hottest journey you will ever take! It will take you on a journey that will make you laugh, make you cry, and provide more sexual titillation than you thought you could cope with. If read with a suitably permissible partner, 23 Miles is the ultimate in foreplay.

23 Miles to Brighton is partly autobiographical. During these very hot pages, the author bares her soul, and much more! Released from the constraints of a repressive and unhappy marriage, Ms. James graphically details her discovery of the truly sexual side of her nature. Along with Mike, her new partner, a successful entrepreneur, she travels far and wide in search of ever more exciting experiences.

Geographically 23 Miles travels from the UK, to Holland, and then on to Spain, as her partner's business and their circle of friends and business acquaintances grows. Sexually, the journey is much wider, as she increasingly enjoys her new-found sexual freedom during her many 'adventures.' If you have ever fantasized about outrageous situations, then the chances are your fantasy is between the covers of this book. Threesomes, foursomes, spanking, bondage, lesbian sex, anal, oral, orgies, they are all here for you to enjoy.

As the story unfolds, and you enjoy the wonderfully colorful characters that enter their lives, you will find yourself becoming drawn into this delightfully erotic tale. The final chapter will leave you gasping, from its incredible sexuality, and panting for Ms. James follow-up book. The soon to be released, Hotel Paradiso.

23 Miles has been described by one reviewer as: The ultimate sexual aid. A book that, if you are in the company of a suitably permissive partner, you will almost certainly only read a chapter at a time. Not because you are not enjoying it, but simply because you will have your hands too full to continue.



About the Author
KIRSTY JAMES is the alter ego of a top international entertainer. 23 MILES TO BRIGHTON is her first full-length novel. Kirsty has been writing erotic short stories for the last ten years, many of which have been published.

In the course of her professional life, Kirsty, along with her co-entertainer and partner of sixteen years, has travelled extensively. During her travels she has both witnessed, and experienced, many erotic situations. 23 MILES TO BRIGHTON is the result.

Kirsty now lives in Spain, and as well as continuing to produce short stories, is currently working on a sequel. The much awaited HOTEL PARADISO.



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