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Winter Ghost by Don Meyer

Winter Ghost

by Don Meyer

332 pages
A woman, naked, frozen solid, not just another ghost story.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
The discovery of the body, a woman, naked, frozen solid, outside the cabin, hands pressed against the glass of the oversized center window, looking in, ultimately leaves Sheriff Tom Monason, with more questions than answers.

Although, originally listed as an accidental death, the story just won’t go away, especially with continued reports of an unknown woman visiting that cabin on winter weekends. While these sightings only continue to fuel the legend, the undeniable fact that two couples have turned up dead after reported visits, makes this tale no longer just another ghost story.



About the Author
Don Meyer Don currently resides in the mountains, in California, with his wife Nancy, in a little town called June Lake (five hours north of Los Angeles), where he enjoys walking, hiking, breathing in the fresh air and writing. This is the first book in a new trilogy.



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