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Ferocious Promotion for Timid Authors by C. Hope Clark / Gwynne Spencer

Ferocious Promotion for Timid Authors

by C. Hope Clark / Gwynne Spencer

64 pages
Learn actual marketing techniques for marketing your self-pubbed book.

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About the Book
You published a book that everyone on Planet Earth wants to buy. Strangers stop you on the street and thrust money into your hand. Friends bombard you with e-mail to buy autographed copies. It could happen.

But chances are, when you publish you face promotion, publicity and marketing, all on your own. Unless your customers are psychic, you have to channel information to the buying public about your book, about how to order and how to contact you. Depending on the dollars you have available for the task, you might consider some of the following actual marketing techniques in this ebook.

Rarely do writers enjoy selling their books. Sure, they enjoy having sold their books, but not the process itself. They’d rather write the stories and collect the checks. That middle, promotional mess is a struggle and goes against the grain.

But every job has its darker side. Marketing is the writer’s bane, and the self-published author has the worst up-hill battle of all. Those authors with books through small publishers aren’t far behind.

Most writers prefer the quiet seclusion required of deep, creative thought. Selling a story woven in hiding, in front of a loud public, is like singing a lullaby in a rush-hour subway. You take your baby into the world, holding the poor thing in front of everyone, shouting how great it is.

Both Hope Clark and Gwynne Spencer have sold self-published books. Both have taught classes, written articles and self-promoted. Hope leans toward the Internet side of exposure. Gwynne loves the local networking and flavor of community commerce.

Don’t be afraid to sell your books. Be excited about it, because selling a thousand books is doable. So is five thousand. This ebook will provide you with that strategy in simple self-promotion to make book sales possible, palatable and prosperous.



About the Author
C. Hope Clark is the editor and founder of FundsforWriters, a family of newsletters, books and websites that seek to help writers find paying homes for their words.

Gwynne Spencer is an author, rabid reader, past publisher and current writing instructor.

Both ladies are passionate about their weener dogs, which coincidentally led to the writing of this book.



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