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TIDAL WAVE by The New Era Conspiracy


by The New Era Conspiracy

352 pages
A frightening vision of a cataclysmic event that scientists predict WILL happen.

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Category: Erotica
About the Book
Tidal Wave has already been recognised as one of the most frightening books of the new millennium. It will scare you! It will Shock you! If you live on the East Coast of the USA it could even make you think about moving!

Tidal Wave, the most disturbing book of the new millenium, takes a look at a recent scientific prediction about a volcanic collapse in the Canary Islands, and MAKES IT HAPPEN!.

Over a three day period it tells the story of the initial stages of the disaster, follows it through until we are witnessing a full-blown volcanic eruption, then describes the collapse of the volcano on the island of La Palma, and the formation of a gigantic wave which will sweep across the Atlantic in just eight hours and engulf the eastern seaboard of the USA.

At this point it switches to the American side, where six writers tell the story of their initial disbelief of the fate that is about to befall them, then we watch as they are faced with the knowledge that they have less than eight hours to live.

Tidal Wave is turbulent, exciting, frightening and shocking, all in a blockbuster of a novel that will have you looking out to sea and wondering what is just over the horizon.

Imagine the horror of living in the comparative safety of east coast America and then discovering that the government has covered up the fact that a giant wave, over one quarter of a mile high and travelling at over 250 mph, is going to hit town in less than six hours. What would you do? How would you handle this incredible situation?

The writers who took part in this project were placed in the same situation by Michael J Howard and asked to write about their reactions to the knowledge that death might be only hours away. They reacted in different ways. Some of their stories will make you cry. Some will make you angry. None of them will make you laugh!

If you do live on the east coast then you would probably be better off not reading this book! If you are easily shocked and like gentle love stories?o not read this book!
If you are scared of water, or have just booked a trip on a cruise liner?o not read this book!

If you fit into a category other than those above, then Tidal Wave is the book for you!

You will never feel the same again after you have turned the last page!

The events depicted in this book WILL HAPPEN! The only unanswered question is...WHEN?

TIDAL WAVE... THE most disturbing book of the new millennium!



About the Author
The New Era Conspiracy are a group of writers put together by Michael J Howard to create the first 'interactive' disaster novel. They are all published authors and appraoched the writing of this incredible book as though it were actually happening. Tidal Wave is the world's first Interactive real-time novel.



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