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Near Earth by Bruce Marotta

Near Earth

by Bruce Marotta

416 pages
Meteorite hunters tackle sordid space entrepreneurs harvesting the asteroid belt.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
What would you do with six hundred quintillion dollars? That is the estimated value of precious metals and diamonds in the asteroid belt.

When meteorite hunter Dan Hazel and astronomy whiz Amy Dubek learn that a freshly fallen meteorite was seen to land in New Mexico, they race to the scene, one step ahead of Derek Nance, the poster boy for unethical treasure hunting. When they arrive, one mystery leads to another. A strange little man named Jed claimed that he saw the meteorite sitting on his land “with a space ship stuck to it.” And who is that exotic woman in the blue uniform with all those gadgets on her belt? And what exactly is a Metredrone?

Dan and Amy quickly find that they are not just chasing a strange meteorite, but they have stumbled onto an international scheme that may compromise the LINEAR program’s asteroid detection system. After a few harrowing scrapes in the desert, they must ultimately face down Derek Nance and his high-tech devices before calamity strikes – in the form of a large near earth asteroid.



About the Author
Bruce Marotta Bruce Marotta, an actuary and space enthusiast, has watched every space mission since the first Mercury Redstone launch. He recently spent two years in Tucson, unofficial meteorite capitol of the world, researching the ideas for this book. He lives in Durham, NC with his wife Stephanie and his dog Ozzie.



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