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Simplified Architectural Photography by Scott D. Butcher

Simplified Architectural Photography

by Scott D. Butcher

103 pages
Easy to understand photography guide for non-professionals.

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Category: Art:Photography
About the Book
Whether you are an architect or engineer, contractor or marketer, real estate agent or freelance writer, your profession sometimes requires that you take photographs of buildings.

But photography isn't your profession-?only a secondary responsibility of your job. Sure, it would be nice to have the budget to hire a professional, but how often is that really an option? You need quality photographs, you need them "yesterday," and you can't even figure out how to work the darn camera!

Simplified Architectural Photography is for you. You don't have to be a professional?-with an assortment of expensive gear?-to get quality results from your 35mm SLR, point and shoot, or digital camera.

Simplified Architectural Photography was written with the amateur in mind.

Table of Contents:

+ Introduction
+ Selecting the Right Film
+ Digital Photography
+ Exposure
+ Composition
+ Common Problems
+ Night Shots
+ Filters for Outdoor Photography
+ Filters for Indoor Photography

Scott Butcher knows where you are?-in fact, he's been there! In this informative book, Scott shares many of the techniques he's learned over the past ten years. From how to use simple composition techniques?-like framing and leading the eye?-to which filters you need to own to take interior photographs under mixed lighting conditions, Simplified Architectural Photography is sure to improve the quality of your images!

Why do you need to read this book?

+ You are a freelance writer and know all to well that your story has a much greater chance of being sold if there are accompanying images

+ You are a marketer and need quality photos for collateral materials, proposals, newsletters, and Web sites

+ You are a real estate agent and need to take photos of homes for sale to run in advertisements and on your Web site

+ You are an architect and would like photos of your latest project

+ You are an interior designer and need quality images for your portfolio

+ You are an engineer and need photos of a mechanical or electrical room

+ You are a contractor and need to take weekly construction progress photos

+ You simply want to learn how to take better photographs



About the Author
Scott D. Butcher Scott D. Butcher is the author of publications on marketing, tourism, and economic development. He is a Certified Professional Services Marketer, and has directed the marketing programs for several professional firms. Scott holds a B.S. in Marketing from Penn State and a Certificate in Professional Photography from NYIP.



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