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THE ELGAR ENIGMAS: A Musical Mystery by Simon Boswell

THE ELGAR ENIGMAS: A Musical Mystery

by Simon Boswell

488 pages
A supernatural story with an unusual musical focus.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Thirteen-year-old Alice Lawtham, although autistic and incapable of speech, possesses extraordinary self-taught skills at the piano and performs incredible feats of musical memory. Alice is a musical savant.

Now her enigmatic and intensely private existence is drawing attention from the world at large. Famous conductor Sir David Powys Hughes has stumbled upon some brand new pieces by Alice which bear the hallmark genius of the English composer Edward Elgar. How is this possible?

As a series of eerie 'supernatural' events unfolds in Elgar’s home county of Worcestershire, Sir David becomes convinced that the composer himself is responsible — that the spirit of the long-dead Elgar is channeling through Alice's fingers to create new musical masterpieces.

Not everyone accepts a supernatural explanation. Some suspect a hoax…

By the author of Finland's best-selling novel The Seven Symphonies: A Finnish Murder Mystery.


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About the Author
Simon Boswell Born in London. Civil engineering degree from Birmingham University. Postgraduate diploma: Teaching English as a Foreign Language. 35 years in Finland as an English teacher. Studied composition with Einojuhani Rautavaara at Helsinki's Sibelius Academy where he now holds the English lectureship. Develops and teaches music-related English courses for music students.



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