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The Offings by Charley Scholl

The Offings

by Charley Scholl

196 pages
malpractice. "offed" mistakes. illegal organ harvesting. secret stem cell operation.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Here at St. Lucifer's Hospital, one of the finest in the United States, everything looks so safe and so benign. But underneath the calm exterior, co-eds are highly encouraged to have abortions to provide Dr. Goldman with a continuing, unending line of stem cells for his research, which just happens to be carried out in a lab that the general public thinks is producing flu vacine.

Families of patients whose medical care has been botched, are told they must be transferred to a special unit for quiet and healing before resuming much needed treatment options. These same patients are then scooted off to the palliative care unit and terminated, before they can speak up and tell their story.

Only a select few on the staff are privy to what is really going on here. And of those who are, they are handsomely paid indeed. This is a Catholic teaching hospital and Father O'Malley and Sister Eve are in it up to their proverbial eyeballs. Nurse Angel Lee and Dr. O'Rourke seem to have a special bond, or do they? Dr. Wyley Jones is a slightly deranged alcoholic who has a habit of showing up for open heart surgeries with the smell of alcohol on his breath.

Some patient's families are getting wise to what is going on here, or are they? Dr. Jones and Angel Lee have an altercation, and Angel now hates his guts. She would do anything to bring about his demise here at St. Lucifer's, or would she? There are so many cases of outright incompetencies, how can this illustrious staff possibly continue to cover them all up without their network collapsing?



About the Author
Charley also wrote Girls! Girls! Girls! a young-adult novel available at Amazon. She is also the author of War Monsters, a short story published in The Unknown, Otherworlds Sci-Fi 2003 Anthology. Haunted, another short story, was published in Haunted Encounters, Real-Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences.



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