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THE ARC by Ken Jasper


by Ken Jasper

396 pages
Former classmate seeks justice for a young girl’s murder.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Bright and talented, pretty and popular, Juliet Tannering was fifteen in the summer of 1986 when she disappeared from her affluent Willow Oaks neighborhood in Long Island’s North Shore village of Cedar Park.

While an extensive, week-long search by family, friends and police turned up no sign of the missing girl, almost from the start, police detectives focused their suspicions on seventeen-year-old neighbor Robert Sutton. With his arrest a month later, justice seemed to the Tannering family a mere matter of patience. What they could not have imagined was that a powerful and ruthless senator’s political machine had already buried the brutal truth of her disappearance, and that Sutton’s acquittal the following spring had long since been bought and paid for.

But now, almost two decades later, patience has become an empty virtue for retired Army Special Forces Captain Ray Geddy. The truth and true justice, he has reluctantly acknowledged, are not always to be found in a courtroom. Haunted by the death of his former classmate and enraged at the public brazen arrogance of her murderer, Geddy sets out on a killing spree of his own, systematically stalking and executing those who wantonly perjured themselves in service to the senator and intentionally making himself the target of a nationwide FBI investigation that he hopes will ultimately bring down the senator and his machine and bring closure to one of the most notorious cold cases in modern times.

“The infuriating truth was that sometimes the corruption ran too deep. Sometimes you just had to light a few fires.”


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About the Author
Ken Jasper grew up in Syracuse, New York. He received a master's degree from Cornell University in 1975. His first novel, "Voices of Babylon," was published in 2005. He lives with his wife and three children in Fort Mill, South Carolina.



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