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Forever a Babe by Thomas Clare

Forever a Babe

by Thomas Clare

368 pages
The story of the Busby Babes

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Category: Sports
About the Book
Forever a Babe is the true story of a young boy who grew up in inner city Manchester, England, immediately after World War Two. It specifically concentrates on the period between the years of 1950 - 1958, when he was growing up alongside the emergence of Manchester United's young soccer team who went on to become affectionately known throughout the soccer world as the 'Busby Babes'.

It tells of the hardships suffered by his family during his early years, and also of the influence that his Grandfather had upon his life. Notwithstanding this, it charts how his love of Manchester United Football Club was sown early in his life and of the joys and happiness he experienced growing up alongside a band of young professional soccer players who captured the hearts and minds of football followers throughout Great Britain and Europe.

The story is a first hand account of not only their triumphs, but ultimately of their tragedy. It is told with passion, love, and insight, and describes the events that not only shaped his own life, but also had such a huge effect on the history of what has become the most famous soccer club in the world.



About the Author
Tom Clare was born in Manchester, England in April 1945. He was educated at St, Gregory's High School. A few years after leaving school he embarked on a military career serving 22 years in the Army. After leaving the military he spent 12 years in the licensed trade. In 1999 he emigrated to Houston Texas, where he now works as a university administrator.



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