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De Facto Adjournment by Sylvester Berry, Jr.

De Facto Adjournment

by Sylvester Berry, Jr.

508 pages
Black man must prevent more atrocities in his Oklahoma town

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
With the words ďI have faith in the true way to live and die,Ē Alex, a successful mid-level Black executive in L.A., was able to summon his forefathers of the waters, his Ancestrians, for their uncanny knowledge and their heartfelt lifeís journey.

Confronted with the turmoil in his family, dismissal of his employees, and dismantling of his humanitarian values, Alex, with the unrelenting loyalty of a rag tag team, the UnbreakableX, is forced into a brush with the ultimate evil: the insatiability of big industry led by the master demon: Prince of Flies. With the understanding from one of his ancestorís poem that the disturbances would only escalate, he is forced to interrupt his long adjournment from his destiny and return to his native Oklahoma town to rediscover what he had intentionally renounced: his mystical powers. In his no-holds barred expedition, Alex discovers why he initially left, his ancestorís eye-opening truth, and the necessity to pass it on. He relentlessly unearths the horrific treatment Blacks had been and were still being administered, how they were responding at each other, and the call to convince a racially divided town to forgo their differences in order to thwart evilís cataclysmic plans of exterminating a race of people.

A fast paced, exhilarating, rollercoaster mystery, Alexís adventures dabble us on the riverís unimaginable threshold of the paranormalóthen dives in, leaving us pondering our wetness and questioning our ability to subsist in those waters, until the jaw-dropping finaleówhen there is no doubt.



About the Author
Sylvester Berry, Jr. Sylvester Berry Jr. was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He graduated college with a bachelorís degree in Business Management Information Systems. Four years of his life were spent with the United States Air Force. After raising all seven of his offspring to responsible adulthood, he wrote De Facto Adjournment.



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