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Flip-Flop by Bill Conroy


by Bill Conroy

160 pages
Flip-flop is a transcendental thriller about a counterculture journalist.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book
Do you remember the underground press?

If that term rings a bell, then you might be interested in the new novel by former Crazy Shepherd writer Bill Conroy.

Conroy's book, Flip-Flop, is based on his experiences as a writer for Milwaukee's legendary underground newspaper, which eventually morphed into what today is the Shepherd-Express -- the brew city's alternative weekly.

"Flip-flop is my version of the story of The Crazy Shepherd," Conroy explains. "But it's important to understand that this is not journalism as you would think of it in any traditional sense: an accurate account of events. Rather, Flip-Flop is all about telling the truth of what happened. And the only way to do that, I believe, is through fiction. And that's what you get here, my fiction -- my quest for the truth behind the spirit of the Crazy Shepherd."

Flip-Flop is a transcendental thriller driven by a fast-paced suspense-charged plot that revolves around a reporter's investigation into the firebombing of a newspaper office. As the lead character, Jake West, delves deeper into the story, people start turning up dead, including his sources and his lover.

The chase for the truth takes West on a wild, edgy quest that culminates in a final showdown with some real bad dudes.

But Flip-Flop is more than formula-driven pulp fiction. It is a head-first dive into the undertow of America's counterculture; a hard-edged love story; an electric journey through mind and time.

If your interest is piqued, then pick up a copy of Flip-Flop, get comfortable, clear your head, and prepare to take a picaresque journey on a mystical mystery thriller.



About the Author
Bill Conroy Bill Conroy is a veteran journalist who has worked as a reporter and editor at both weekly and daily newspapers in Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota and Texas. Conroy, who earned a Master's degree in mass communications from Marquette University, also helped launch Milwaukee's weekly alternative newspaper -- the Shepherd-Express.



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