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Book Publishing 101 Workbook: Second Edition by Debbie Elicksen

Book Publishing 101 Workbook: Second Edition

by Debbie Elicksen

136 pages
A step-by-step guide to making your book come true.

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About the Book
Everyone wants to write the Great North American Novel. For most who try, just getting started is difficult and the process can be very overwhelming. And when they do get it started, they soon discover obtaining a traditional publisher is harder than getting an audience with the Pope.

There are so many options for authors to get published today. The Book Publishing 101 Workbook: Second Edition will give authors information about the book publishing industry they can use to make the right choices. There are things a potential author needs to know before they solicit a royalty publisher or decide to do it themselves.

Regardless if one self-publishes or lands a traditional publisher, they need to do the due diligence in creating a professional product if they want to be taken seriously by readers.

No matter what the venue or how the book is published, the author also has to come up with a succinct and ongoing marketing plan.

The Book Publishing 101 Workbook: Second Edition walks you through the self-publishing process in straight talk and no bull. You won't hear the "if you write a book you will be rich" fable. You’ll get real meat to make an informed decision about what to do next.

This workbook arms you with the information you need to make your book a success in today's ever-changing and competitive marketplace. It will step-by-step you from the big blank page to a physical book. It is an addendum to the bestselling Self-Publishing 101 (Self Counsel Press), with concrete examples and guidance through the publishing process.

What they’re saying about Debbie Elicksen’s publishing advice:

"Thanks to your advice, I crafted the process for a book cover ‘that jumps off the shelf.’ I pursued the vanity publishing option and contacted a consultant to help me with the design and layout process. Unknown to me, the consultant had his own publishing company and after receiving and reading my draft, he requested that his company publish the book. I do not believe my work would have been a success if not for your book and I just wanted to thank you." – Joseph B. Ross, author of Arundel Burning

"This pulled everything together for me and suddenly it didn't seem so overwhelming. I found it to be particularly valuable in the marketing stage." – Amazon testimonial

"Brutally honest approach, a fast-paced style, and lots of helpful extras. It provides both encouragement and a healthy measure of reality to a writer considering publishing a manuscript." – Canadian Book Review Annual, March/April 2007

"Debbie Elicksen's book was an amazing resource that I used in navigating the exciting and successful journey of bringing my dream of this book to reality." – Annette Stanwick, author of Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle



About the Author
Debbie Elicksen Debbie Elicksen is a book publishing expert who has helped guide authors and publishers through the through the book publishing process through hands-on involvement, consulting, speaking and training, and step-by-step guides. She has written, edited, ghosted, and project managed over 100 books, including nine projects of her own.



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