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White Knights Inc. by Rob Barrow

White Knights Inc.

by Rob Barrow

392 pages
Family saves the Earth and gets ridiculously wealthy doing it.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Katerina Yerisivloskaya is meeting someone who appears to be a very smooth operator at a café on the crumbling streets of the old Capital of Kazakhstan. As a former secret agent for the Soviets, it is still her job to keep high technology and weapons of mass destruction out of the wrong hands. But what if Jack Knight and White Knights Inc. are the right hands? The answers at the bottom of this rabbit hole lead Katerina far beyond the dirty streets of Ata-Alma as she and the White Knights try to save the world.

The first shots ring out of the darkness of an Ata-Alma street as Katerina walks to meet the mysterious man who wants to buy Nuclear weapons.

Katerina Yerisivloskaya, late of the KGB and Cosmonaut Corps, is responsible for preventing high technology sales to terrorists and rogue governments. That means that she can’t allow anyone to possess nuclear bombs. She takes her job seriously. But what if she should let Jack Knight buy these weapons? What if these are exactly the right people to own these weapons of mass destruction? What should she do? Take his word for it?

But though the reports of the guns still echo in the smoky streets, the plans of the White Knights have long been set in motion. Plans in Kazakhstan, plans in New York, Plans in Texas are just the beginning of the plans that the White Knights are pursuing and nuclear bombs are just the tip of the iceberg. What did these desperate plans have to do with the young astrophysicist’s discovery? Who or what is Belial? What possible good use could nuclear bombs be put. The answers to these questions reveal a dark secret that unless desperate action is taken, could bring about the end of human civilization.



About the Author
Rob Barrow wears many hats. He is a lawyer, a professional musician, and served as a US Naval Undersea Medical officer, among other things. He currently practices medicine and resides in Arkansas with his wife, daughter, and numerous pets, awaiting approval of his application for Indian Chief School.



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