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Notes of an Underground Humanist by Chris Wright

Notes of an Underground Humanist

by Chris Wright

540 pages
Marxism, philosophy, history, U.S. politics, and assorted poetical musings.

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About the Book
This book, a bacchanalia, touches on most of the important questions that arise in life. Somewhat in the manner of Nietzsche, it presents provocative perspectives on topics ranging from morality to politics, from art to religion, from capitalism to socialism. What is the meaning of life? What does it mean to act morally? What are the sources of modern unhappiness and social ills? How has Western society evolved to its present state, and what is its probable future? What can be done to improve the human condition in the early 21st century? Such questions, and many others, are addressed. The book is also intended as literature, though, and as such contains poetry, fiction, and even satire. Ultimately its purpose is simply stated: it is meant to contribute to the collective project of dragging "humanism" out from the underground.


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About the Author
Chris Wright Chris Wright is a doctoral candidate in U.S. labor history.



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