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Looking for Angels by Steven P. Osborne

Looking for Angels

by Steven P. Osborne

87 pages
A search for truth about heavenly messengers.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
About the Book
Looking for Angels will take you on a journey into the unseen world that surrounds you... a world in which angels become an undeniable reality.

This inspiring book about heaven's messengers will open your heart to the loving beings on the other side of the veil and help you hear the bold message their presence affirms: "You are not alone. Your life matters. You are loved."

It is a message that changes lives.

In his quest to understand the truth about angels, author Steve Osborne uncovers treasures of thought and history from the world's great religions, including a wealth of experience and information buried in his own theological backyard of Mormonism. These insights place the angel phenomenon in a sound theological context, separating fact from fiction, truth from conjecture.

Perhaps even more importantly, the author's search led him on an odyssey into the lives of people around him - men, women and children who have had personal encounters with both light and dark angels.

Listen to what just a few of these people had to say:

Paul: The veil began to rise and I saw two feet, and then the bottom of what looked like a robe. Everything was brilliantly white....

Katherine: As I looked over the crowd I saw that almost every person there was accompanied by an angel.

Julia: I was sitting there thinking about jumping, when suddenly the ledge filled with angels...

Angela: I saw a man - very tall, well over six feet - standing outside our French front doors... I never saw his face, but he wore a black overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat. I somehow knew that he was an angel ...

Steve: There, standing around the edge of the bed and looking down at me in silence were the dark silhouettes of several men.... When I reached out to touch the presence that was closest to me, they all disappeared.

Looking for Angels explores the nature and mission of angels. The book addresses:

+ Guardian angels ... and who has them

+ Why departed members of our own families often minister to us from beyond the veil

+ The many services angels perform

+ Angels of death and destruction

+ Dark angels - the bad guys of the cosmos

+ When angels help ... and when they don't

+ How angels bring messages from the other side

+ The fear factor

+ The connection between angels and other miracles; and much more.

Looking for Angels informs, but most of all, it inspires and gives hope. Angels tell us - with a certainty that even near-death experiences cannot - that dying is not the end of us; that our lives have meaning; that someone loves us.

Order Looking for Angels today. You'll never feel alone again.


It was a pure joy to read a book where the author not only has something important to say, but the talent to say it well. Steve, you've been touched by an angel.
- Alane Ferguson, national award-winning author



About the Author
Steven P. Osborne Steven P. Osborne is a freelance writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has written hundreds of articles for nationally published magazines and has authored or ghostwritten several books covering a wide range of subjects.



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