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But Gods Eat Grapes by Amy L Beam

But Gods Eat Grapes

by Amy L Beam

176 pages
Witty, beautiful, science fiction exploring the universal quest for happiness.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
People grow older but don’t want to look old. Maintaining youthfulness is the growing obsession in the American public, so what would happen if we devised a pill that halted all outward appearances accompanying physical aging?

The year is 2039 and the world is a brand new place. Cars move on magnetic tracks. The internet era has evolved communication and Grandpa Barton has created a pill that ultimately opposes all signs of physical aging. There are toddlers, teens and twenty year olds, but growth stops there. The world is one collective college campus. What are people like living in this beauty queen dream?

Then there is Abby. Abby Barton has a yellow personality. When she walks into the room, she brings the sun in with her, but can she keep her color in a society that only awards sleek perfection? What happens when Abby promises her Grandpa that she will live differently than her peers? Is she strong enough to do so, and is it worth the sacrifices? What if she decided to stop taking his miracle pill? Can she still find happiness or is it best just to acquiesce and blend in?

This science fiction novel features witty emotion and a profound message. You will laugh, cry and live along with Abby as she, like so many of the rest of us, deciphers what it means to truly love and live in a society where textbooks only teach that gods eat grapes.



About the Author
Amy began writing when she was six and hasn't put the pen down since. From “scribble pads” to leather journals, she believes in purposeful writing that will impact her reader’s attitudes and stimulate thoughtful reflections. But Gods Eat Grapes is her debut novel and she is excited and thrilled to earn your literary fellowship. Amy offers reality in a futuristic landscape, a world slightly distorted from our own. She hopes this novel challenges your comfort zone.



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