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Ghosts of Nottingham and Ghosts of Lincoln - Twin-volume ebook edition by Jenny Cross and Dr. David Cross

Ghosts of Nottingham and Ghosts of Lincoln - Twin-volume ebook edition

by Jenny Cross and Dr. David Cross

112 pages
Ghost stories and photographs of Nottingham and Lincoln, UK

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural:Ghosts
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About the Book
Written by professional psychic medium Jenny Cross and her husband, PhD scientist Dr. David Cross, this twin-volume edition is packed full of real-life ghost stories. Jenny and David set up Ghost Walks in the 1990’s (which still continue today) in both Nottingham and Lincoln, UK, both historic and atmospheric cities with a rich historic heritage. Most of the stories are original, being either personal experiences of the authors or first-hand accounts compiled specially for these books. Included are some astounding and original photographs which may show actual ‘ghosts’ captured on film. The great majority of these stories do not form a part of the Lincoln or Nottingham Ghost Walks, so visitors who have been on these events will find most of the material completely new.

Written in a gripping and entertaining style by professionals in the field, these two books present compelling evidence for the existence of ghosts and offer possible explanations for the phenomena – and not always paranormal ones! From Roman remains to private houses, from Cathedrals and Castles to ancient pubs and radio stations, these stories will both entertain and fascinate. The phantom rider still trying to save a man’s life; ghostly children disturbing modern Hotel guests; thought-forms and ghostly guardians; the haunted theatre; ghostly wedding guests who no one saw but showed up on film; and lots of ‘spirits’ making their presence felt for a wide range of reasons. Read it - but maybe not at bedtime!


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About the Author
Jenny Cross has been psychic since childhood and has worked as a professional psychic medium for over 30 years. She has made many appearances on TV, radio and in the press demonstrating her work. David Cross has a scientific PhD and has studied the paranormal all his life.



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