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Hairy Peter & The Gallstone by Susan Strict

Hairy Peter & The Gallstone

by Susan Strict

295 pages
An outrageous erotic parody of wizarding and sexual dominance novels.

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Category: Erotica
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About the Book
Hairy Peter & The Gallstone is an outrageous erotic parody that leaves little in other wizarding or in sexual domination novels untouched. It is also a highly erotic and exciting story in its own right.

Peter, naturally, had no idea he was a wizard or that the clump of green hair just to the right of his genitals shaped exactly like a peacock was the result of an early encounter with the dark wizard known as He-Who-Must-Never-Be-Sat-Upon. It was a surprise to him on his eighteenth birthday to find that he had a place reserved for him at Fessewarts University for Witches and Wizards, and still more of a surprise to find that the curriculum he was to study was almost exclusively sexual.

Most importantly for Peter and for the other students at the university, wizards and witches have desires and libidos that reach far beyond those of non-magical people. A wizard must know his proper place, which more often than not is underneath a witch, and underneath her as often as she desires.

As if the excesses of the witches studying and teaching at Fessewarts University are not enough, Peter has other worries. Evil lurks close at hand, and quite possibly from one or more of the strange professors at the university. Perhaps there is a closer connection between Peter and He-Who-Must-Never-Be-Sat-Upon than anyone could have realised, or perhaps the danger comes from the sad, shy girl, Merry Shagger who, it seems, is a direct descendant of the Mad Mistress of Mooning and who may have an agenda of her own that is very different from her apparent love of Peter.

Whatever the source of the evil, Peter and his friends need to fight it. Distractions abound, but Peter is determined to overcome them. Even the persistent attentions of the insatiable twins Freda and Samantha, or the beautiful, sadistic, oriental lesbian Wong Wei who kidnaps Peterís friend Don, or his duties as bleezer in the bizarre game of Figgitch are not enough to divert him more than temporarily.

Someone is trying to steal the all-powerful Gallstone, and Peter will find out whether he can really trust anyone.


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About the Author
Susan Strict is an established author of erotic fiction with a central theme of Female Dominance, but also covering a broad spectrum of sensuality and sexuality. Throughout Susanís writing, her particularly wicked sense of humour is never far from the surface of her exciting and compelling stories.



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