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BAD LATITUDE - A Jack Rackham Adventure by David Ebright

BAD LATITUDE - A Jack Rackham Adventure

by David Ebright

244 pages
Teenaged surfers encounter ghosts and pirates while treasure hunting.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
SECOND PLACE: 2010 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards

The seaside town of St. Augustine is haunted. Everyone knows that.

For fifteen-year-old Jack, a descendant of the notorious pirate Calico Jack, it was supposed to be a relaxing summer of great surfing, exploring the Ancient City and adventures on his very own boat, Bad Latitude. His discovery of a three hundred year old diary changed all of that.

When the secrets of the old book are unraveled, Jack enlists the help of his best friend Kai, and together, they begin the dangerous search for the fortune hidden beneath the abandoned burial grounds of Rattlesnake Island. Digging under the light of the full moon, the boys are unaware that a terrifying menace waits in the darkness, determined to prevent their escape. Supernatural guardians of the island are clawing and dragging their way through the snake-infested marsh grass, surrounding the pair, working to create a deadly ambush, while offshore lurks a mysterious ship, shrouded in an eerie green fog, flying the flag of the long dead Calico Jack Rackham.

Before daybreak, Jack and Kai will face a desperate struggle for survival, ultimately choosing between unimaginable wealth and friendship. Will they put their own lives on the line to save one another from the evil that stalks their every move, or will the promise of great riches lead to tragedy and despair?



A high seas thrill ride.

You can smell the smoke of pirate fires and feel the swampy heat of the Florida coast. Your fingers will twitch with a longing for adventure and it may take you a few chapters to get your sea legs.

In "Bad Latitude," Dave Ebright has written a novel reminiscent of the Hardy Boys mysteries that enthralled you as a kid. Only Ebright's debut novel comes with an extra edge. It's written for kids but that does not diminish the impact it has on the adult reader.

The mark of a good book can be discerned in the depth of feeling a reader develops for characters on the page. Here is Ebright's achievement, shining like gold coins in the sun. The main players in "Bad Latitude" are characters you will come to love or hate. You will scream at them not to climb the stairs of that spooky lighthouse. You will cheer for them as they overcome no end of ghouls and rattlesnakes on their way to the gold.

"Bad Latitude" is a treasure chest crammed full of adventure, a high seas thrill ride with twists as unpredictable as weather off the Florida coast. Two teenagers and their friends go for the island treasure with the help of a wise and patient grandfather. But the treasure is protected by a tribe of long dead native guards who have no intention of turning over the loot.

The ambition of young adults meets the commitment of ancient warriors and the battle is not an easy one for either side.

"Bad Latitude" is a gem and Ebright a clever new novelist worth keeping an eye on. That one good eye without the pirate's patch, anyway.

- Mark Laflamme,
Bad Latitude by David Ebright puts the reader in a world where pirates actually exist. While reading this book, your inner treasure hunter will come alive and you'll feel the need to search for you own buried treasure.
- Frank H.



About the Author
Dave Ebright lives in St. Augustine Florida where he writes fiction blended with history, some of it greatly exaggerated. Watch for RECKLESS ENDEAVOR coming in 2009.



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