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Dialogues - Conversations with my Higher Self by Kenneth J MacLean

Dialogues - Conversations with my Higher Self

by Kenneth J MacLean

517 pages
The answers you never got from Abraham or Neale Walsch

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Afterlife
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About the Book
Dialogue was written after reading Seth, the Conversations with God books, Edgar Cayce, Kryon, and listening to Esther Hicks.

The very deepest questions concerning the origin of the universe, time, and consciousness were never answered to my satisfaction. So I decided to ask them. Astonishingly, just like Neale Donald Walsch, I too began to receive answers!

These answers came almost instantaneously in what I call a "packet." These packets were like information on a data network, except that they were always accompanied by a feeling of profound certainty and well-being. I might have to spend 20 or 30 minutes deciphering the information in these packets, and typing the out. Then I'd read them over and sometimes ai couldn't believe what I had written.

This book contains answers to questions like What is the origin of the universe? What is consciousness? What is the Higher Self? What is Memory? What is Time? as well as answers to questions of politics, sex, the law of attraction, and crop circles.


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About the Author
Kenneth J MacLean Kenneth J. M. MacLean has written 8 books and two movies. He has been interested in the Big Picture ever since the age of 3, when his mother died at the age of 29 from leukemia. He lives with his wife of 30 years and his three cats in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



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