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MUCH OF WHAT YOU KNOW about Job Search JUST AIN'T SO by B. J. Rakow


by B. J. Rakow

212 pages
Lose the myths! Learn successful job search strategies and tactics.

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About the Book
MUCH OF WHAT YOU KNOW about Job Search JUST AIN'T SO! is a book that debunks the popular myths about job search. It provides easy-to-understand tactics and strategies you can use to be successful in your job search.

For example, have you alsways believed most of these myths?
* Your resume should include a well-written objective.
* The most availble jobs are found on the Internet.
* Your resume should not be longer than one page.
* Include your salary history and salary requirements
on job applications.
* Networking means asking everyone you know for a job.
* "I am a perfectionist," is an effective answer when
an interviewer asks you for your weaknesses.
* Older workers are more expensive.
* Eve ate an apple from a tree in the Garden of Eden.
* Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
* Thomas Edison was the inventor of the electric light.
* Christopher Columbus discovered North America.

Those are all myths. They just ain't so! As you read this book, you will discover for yourself that Much of What You Know abut Job Search - and other myths - JUST AIN'T SO.

B. J. Rakow, the author, shares the successful strategies she has learned about Job Search during her 34 years as a corporate executive, career consultant, Executive Coach, clinical psychologist, and workshop leader.

As a bonus, six short, easy-to-take tests are included that will help you discover your personality preferences and learn more about who you really are.

When asked by a reporter why she includes humor in such a serious book, B.J. said, "We tend to remember stories, anecdotes and quotes. And when they are humorous, we tend to remember them longer."



About the Author
B. J. Rakow Dr. Rakow, trained in behavioral psychology, shares successful strategies she has utilized during her 34-year corporate experience and executive coaching practice. She held senior positions in banking, government, retail, education, and organizational consulting. Her most popular speaking presentations, delivered with humor, include Interviewing Skills, Team Building, and Personality Preferences.



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