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SIGNAL 13 by S. Eric Briggs


by S. Eric Briggs

384 pages
A retiring Maryland State Trooper's fight with his plaguing demons

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
When the electrifying code Signal 13 crackled over the cruiser radio heralding a brother trooper's desperate call for help, your heart froze and your gut erupted into a fireball. Retiring Maryland State Police Sergeant Dalton Bragg, hamstrung by mulish pride, was in desperate trouble, but even as the specter of death sneered in his face, he still couldn't call for help.

Tormented by his demons, Bragg climbs to the sanctity he calls Purgatory Ridge, his coveted Calvert Cliffs overlook high above the majestic Chesapeake Bay. Buttressed by booze and waning pride, the resolute sergeant holds his own retirement party. Haunting memories come swirling back; those heady academy days, countless years of intense camaraderie highlighted by hilarious and horrific experiences, the deaths of fellow troopers, the inevitable wreck of his doomed marriage, and the State Police life that was created from a deck of stacked cards.

Fighting off abhorrent nightmares as the restless tiger aimlessly treads in his head, the "silverback" sergeant holds on. Troopers take the pain!

For Dalton Bragg, clinging by fingernails to his tarnished image of "Maryland's Finest," the dark experiences are irreconcilable, despite his budding relationship with the alluring MSP detective Diane Coulson. Could his lofty refuge amidst soaring bald eagles be the perfect place for an imperfect end to his torment?



About the Author
S. Eric Briggs Eric Briggs is a US Army veteran and a retired Maryland State Police sergeant. During his twenty-six year MSP career, he worked in uniform patrol and criminal investigations, ending his career while a member of the FBI's Wash DC/PG County Violent Fugitive Task Force.



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