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Power to Profit by Jane Pytel

Power to Profit

by Jane Pytel

87 pages
An insurance insider exposes underhanded tactics used to devalue claims.

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Category: Business
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About the Book
An insurance company insider exposes the insurance industry's secret tactics and underhanded schemes designed to intimidate you and to manipulate your claim for profit.


Insurance companies vastly improve their bottom line profits by reducing and manipulating claims payments. When you file a claim, you are asking the insurance company to take money from its profits and return it to you as a liability. The company does not want to do this!


This book will take you deep inside the beast of insurance where you will learn to recognize what they are doing to you and how you can gain the upper hand. You will learn how to discover the tactics, the clues, and the solutions.


The key to your success depends on your ability to arm yourself with knowledge of your rights, recognition of the tactics used against you, and your refusal to accept that the insurance company holds all the power.


Even if you have never filed a claim, some day you will. You need to bargain from a position of strength, not weakness. And, in order to do that, you must beat the insurance company at its own game. You must recognize their tactics and you must know how to respond to your own advantage.


Insurance companies take advantage of their customers when they are most vulnerable.


Insurance companies use intimidation tactics to bully their customers into unfair settlements.


Insurance companies routinely engage in unfair claims practices because they get away with it.


Now you have a unique opportunity to learn from the unique experience of an insider. You will be disgusted by the shady practices and underhanded tactics. Forget the bland advice you find elsewhere. This book will not insult you with the obvious. This information will empower you to effectively manage your claim, how to identify what is going on behind the scenes, and how you can benefit from their mistakes.
If you have an insurance policy, you need this information!




About the Author
Jane Pytel is a former insurance investigator and author of an amazing new e-book, Power to Profit that will take you on an inside journey from the depths of insurance company bad practices to the glory of beating them at their own game.



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