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The Hermit's Lair by D. G. Bryant

The Hermit's Lair

by D. G. Bryant

216 pages
The chilling sequel to Theodosia's Flock.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
On a remote mountain in the Missouri Ozarks the hermit waits. No one has seen him. No one knows who he is. But on moonless nights his mournful cry echoes through the mist-shrouded valley below.

When journalist Larkin Hunter's investigation makes her the target of murder, she runs for cover in the one place she knows is safe; the village of Mount Moriah. There she makes a new friend who teaches her to wield the psychic ability that has tormented her since childhood. Thus armed, Larkin picks up the hermit's trail and becomes his latest victim.

Deep within his mountain lair, Larkin matches wits with the entity that has lain in wait for centuries. In her struggle for survival she learns of his origin, and the secret that he shares with Theodosia's Flock.


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About the Author
D. G. Bryant has lived and worked in the Ozarks for most of his life. He lives in Central Missouri with his wife, Teresa.



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