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A Song For Jo by Bertrand Holland

A Song For Jo

by Bertrand Holland

212 pages
Romantic, literary love story set in 1970s Britain.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Chris and Jo, two young lovers of great literature, embark on a romantic and literary adventure.

Taking their models from Shakespeare, Keats, Emily Bronte, D.H.Lawrence and others they try to live life and love in accord with the ideals of some of Literatureís greats, against the backdrop of 1970ís Britain.

Can Chris and Jo find the love that transcends existence through a high-minded pursuit of absolute love or is their quest doomed to fail as they see their friends struggle in their relationships?

Can life match Literature? Our coupleís bold experiment in the field of applied literature draws widely from the literary canon as they attempt to reconcile the two.

A Song For Jo takes you on a ride through the mind when it is young and innocent, beautiful and true! Itís a journey well worth making!



About the Author
Bertrand Holland, born in 1953 to a French Catholic mother, lives in England. He taught English for many years and has had a love of creative writing from a young age. He is a humanist, but is, however, still young enough to believe in magic!



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