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Book A Month: The Three Book Combo Deal by Cyn Mobley

Book A Month: The Three Book Combo Deal

by Cyn Mobley

121 pages
Book a Month three book basics combo.

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Category: Writing
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About the Book
Unpublished? It's probably not completely your fault. Most of what you've been taught about making a living as a writer is either wrong or useless.

First, start with structuring your novel or nonfiction book correctly. I'll teach you how to do that in BAM: Structure, the first book in this package.

Then make those first pages golden. There are three things you must accomplish within the first few paragraphs. Do you know what they are? Let me show you specific techniques for developing reader identification and suspense of disbelief.

Finally, you've got to shape it all into a package that a big publisher will want to buy. Know what the secrets are? I lay them all out for you in the third ebook.

These three ebooks are at the heart of how I make a living as a writer. Let me show you how I do it.



About the Author
USA Today bestselling author Cyn Mobley has been published by Berkley, St. Martins Press, Avon, Lyons and Alpha Press. Her books are frequently optioned for film. A former lawyer and black belt in karate, Mobley now runs Greyhound Books and Bushido Press. She lives in the South with her Greyhounds and Airedales.



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