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The BuyBull by Benedict   Archer

The BuyBull

by Benedict Archer

171 pages
A Logical Critique hypothesizing about the nature of religion.

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
This book is an analysis of Christianity and religion in general. It is an attempt to hypothesize what are the most likely explanations for the observable facts associated with the issue of religion. In that there have been numerous personalities who have claimed to speak for God and all of them differ as to the message, the most logical hypothesis is that these claims are most probably inauthentic. More in depth analysis shows almost undeniably, a nearly if not identical relationship between religion and the tenets of a confidence game. So much so that it seems impossible that it is not a confidence game.

It is more than obvious many people's predilection, if not need, to believe in a Father dearest diety figure. It is as obvious as a teenage boys yearning for girls or sports cars. As such, it is more than naive to think that there aren't plenty of people out there willing to be the shyster car salesman. There have been plenty of preachers exposed for being grifters all the while claiming to believe what they don't believe but are more than happy to sell to others.

An honest assessment of what Christianity teaches cannot help but expose it for the nonsense it is. Christianity teaches that everyone deserves unmitigated suffering simply by virtue of existence and that only abject obedience can absolve our guilt. This belief depicts God as the ultimate fatal attraction nut. Anyone who doesn't love him(obey the doctrine) unconditionally will be tortured. However, anyone able to look at this belief askance will see right away that the most likely explanation of this belief system is that it is a tool for controlling the masses. It's not that anyone can assert absolutely that God may not, in fact be a control nut, it is just asserted that a more probable explanation is that another human is taking advantage of less astute individuals.

Perhaps the biggest slam dunk challenging Christianity is the recurrence of the death and resurrection theme throughout ancient history. From Horus of Egypt and Bal of Syria, it seems undeniable that Christianity is a rehash of astrology. It explains the path of the sun and the winter solstice in a story just as Persephone and Hades explains winter and summer for the Greeks.

Ironically, if anyone professed to believe in Zeus, they would be unanimously characterized as a nut but realistically, beliefs in the Christian, Muslim, Mormon, or any other version of God is no different. They are all just story book Gods made for human consumption. This is why no one reading this has had a one on one encounter with the divine. Regardless of what we may want to believe, actual reality is about us becoming self-aware, existing for a period of time, and having no factual information about what follows. Everything thing else we have been told to believe is just that, stuff we've been told to believe.



About the Author
The author was raised Catholic and trained as an engineer. A natural curiosity of how things work, a lifetime of interaction with people, and a childhood indoctrination of Christianity led to the observations and conclusions of The BuyBull.



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